Art and Beach Camp in April!

Ever tried plein air painting before?
Our team is inviting interested individuals, particularly aspiring artists to join us on April 27 – 28, 2019 as we explore the beautiful Anawangin Cove.This workshop will be open to a limited number of participants only. Each participant will have the privilege to experience plein air (outdoor) painting using the Anawangin scenery as their subject.

The session will last for 3-4 hours, after which, everyone will have a chance to get acquainted with one another, go swimming, and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature.
There will also be an after-workshop social in the evening.Join us and be a part of this rare opportunity!


Art Camp

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Watercolor Painting Workshop Series

Here’s our series of watercolor painting workshops for beginners. I’ll be the one to teach the basics and guide the students all throughout each session.

For queries, please get in touch with us through mobile or email listed in the posters.

Also, please feel free to visit our website at

Day 1 - Still Life Painting

Day 2 - Landscape Painting

Day 3 Waterscape Painting

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Workshops in March!


trivia on the history of photography

We have upcoming workshops in March, and the first of this series is Basic Photography; so, I’d like to invite everyone who may be interested. Develop your skills in taking remarkable photos by starting with the basics.

new ad for basic photography v2

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Nesso, Italia


At approximately 50 kilometers north of Milan, Italy, lies a commune in the Province of Como, known as Nesso.

This picture is my representation of the said place; a secluded paradise where the locals enjoy the lush scenery that remains untouched by urbanization.

Nesso Italy - HOL
Title: Nesso, Italy c 2018; Medium: Watercolor; Support: Canson Watercolor Paper: Size: 18″ x 12″

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The Bachelor Guardian Series & Its Prequel


     Readers who are into romance and romantic suspense genres are invited to grab copies of my two books which I’m sure you will enjoy reading:

     Raising My Neighbor is a story of two people who are afraid to commit, scared to fall in love, yet unwilling to let go. At a very young age, Tanya Preston becomes an orphan when both her parents are killed in a car accident, leaving her under the care of her sickly aunt who soon dies of heart failure. Aidan Campbell is afraid of commitment; he hates responsibilities and is only interested in having strings of short-term, non-serious relationships until an old lady who is about to die asks him to look after her eleven-year-old niece when she’s gone. Soon Aidan is left with no other choice but to grant his neighbor’s dying wish: to act as Tanya’s guardian, never knowing that his decision will change both his and the young girl’s lives forever. Continue reading “The Bachelor Guardian Series & Its Prequel”

Tainted Sunrise

A sneak peek at my second book

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Part 1: Back from the Dead


Lower Normandy, France.

      Pitch-black night enveloped the vast desolate piece of land. As the thick fog started to creep, it created an eerie atmosphere. From a distance, a coyote howled; its cry echoing through the moonless sky.

      Unexpectedly, a filthy hand came out from the sludge-covered ground! It was anxiously searching for something to cling to — a rock or a huge chunk of wood perhaps. It came in contact with a large root, which it grabbed tightly. The hand pressed downward, as if trying to pull up the rest of the limb attached to it. And with much effort exerted, the owner succeeded in freeing himself from the pile of mud and debris that buried him a couple of feet or more on the ground. The man crawled his way up until he reached the nearby tree whose gigantic root aided his escape from imminent death. He was struggling for breath. Although it did not take him long to clamber his way to the surface, the thought of being buried on the ground made him gasp for air even more. It was dreadful, realizing how close he had come to dying. Not that he was afraid of losing his life, but when he did, he wanted it to be for a purpose, and not because of some robbery incident like what just happened. Continue reading “Tainted Sunrise”